Enthüllung von Shopware 6.6: Ein kleiner Einblick in die Zukunft des E-Commerce


Get ready for the next big step in the world of Shopware! The highly anticipated version 6.6 of Shopware is about to be released and we want to make sure you are well prepared for the exciting technical changes that are coming your way. In this blog post, we'll walk you through key updates, deprecated code removal, library improvements, and important changes. Stay ahead of the curve and make sure your extensions are ready to shine when Shopware 6.6 hits the scene.

"Expand your Shopware experience with 6.6: Navigate the coming technical marvels"

Release schedule:

Shopware 6.6 will be launched as a release candidate (RC) at the end of January, with the final version expected at the end of March.

The RC phase, which lasts eight weeks, focuses on testing and expansion updates.

General changes:

Removal of deprecated code: Update your codebase as we say goodbye to deprecated features.

Feature flag removal: Enabling certain features by default may require code updates.

Removal of experimental state: Enjoy stable features such as Async Theme Compilation and Quote Management without the experimental label.

Admin changes:

Vue.js 3 Update: Test extensions that modify the administration panel for compatibility with the latest Vue.js version.

Webpack 5 Update: Plugins with customized Webpack configurations must be migrated to the Webpack 5 API.

Node 20 minimum version: Upgrade your Node version for compatibility and support.

Significant changes:

Symfony 7 Upgrade: Rapid adoption of Symfony 7.0 for improved performance and features.

PHP 8.2 as a minimum requirement: Aligned with the Symfony 7 upgrade for seamless integration.

Maria DB 10.11 as a minimum requirement: Stay up to date with the latest LTS version for optimal performance.

Redis 7.0 as a minimum requirement: Take advantage of the performance improvements for a faster Shopware experience.

Composer dependency upgrades: Ensure compatibility with updated third-party dependencies.

Stock API changes:

Simplified inventory data storage: Improved system extensibility and third-party integration.

Persistent storage of media paths: Improved database management for media paths.

Caching Layer Improvements: Enabling refined caching changes by default for improved performance.

Storefront changes:

Asynchronous JavaScript plugin loading: Increase storefront performance with asynchronous JS loading.

CSS Improvement: Optimize performance with the Bootstrap spacing utility by removing unnecessary CSS code.


As Shopware fans, your feedback is invaluable. Be a part of this transformative journey by testing, providing feedback, and ensuring a smooth transition to Shopware 6.6. Let's look together to a future in which e-commerce and innovation merge seamlessly. Stay tuned - for an even more powerful, efficient and pleasant Shopware experience!

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