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Xentral Streamlining your SME Operations in one place

Running a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) can be a juggling act. You're constantly keeping track of inventory, managing orders, and ensuring customer satisfaction – all while keeping an eye on finances.  This is where Xentral comes in.

Xentral: Your All-in-One Business Management Solution

Xentral is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software designed specifically for SMEs. It offers a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive suite of features to help you centralize and streamline all your core business processes.

Benefits of Using Xentral:

  • Consolidated Operations: Xentral brings everything together under one roof. Manage orders, inventory, warehousing, fulfillment, accounting, and more – all from a single platform. This eliminates the need for multiple disconnected systems, saving you time and reducing errors.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks and workflows to free up your team's time for more strategic activities. Xentral also integrates with popular business tools, further streamlining your operations.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: With better visibility into your inventory and order fulfillment, you can ensure timely deliveries and accurate order processing. This translates to happier customers and a stronger reputation.
  • Scalability and Growth: Xentral is designed to grow with your business. Its flexible features and integrations allow you to adapt the system to your specific needs as you scale your operations.

Xentral: Key Features

  • Order Management: Manage orders from various channels, track order status, and automate fulfillment processes.
  • Inventory Management: Gain real-time insights into your inventory levels, optimize stock levels, and avoid stockouts.
  • Warehouse & Fulfillment: Efficiently manage your warehouse operations, including picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Accounting: Simplify your accounting tasks with features for invoicing, payments, and financial reporting.
  • E-commerce Integration: Xentral integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms, streamlining your online sales operations.

Deepware: Your Official Xentral Partner

Managing your e-commerce business can be even easier with Deepware, an official partner of Xentral. Deepware offers a range of services to help you get the most out of Xentral and streamline your online store operations:

  • Xentral Setup and Migration: Deepware's experts can seamlessly set up Xentral for your business and migrate your existing data from other platforms.
  • Interface Integration: Deepware ensures all your e-commerce channels and business tools connect flawlessly with Xentral, creating a unified system.
  • Process Optimization: Deepware analyzes your workflows and optimizes them within Xentral, maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors.

Is Xentral Right for You?

Xentral is ideal for SMEs across various industries, particularly those looking to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity
  • Gain better control over inventory and stock levels
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through faster order fulfillment
  • Simplify financial management


Xentral offers a powerful and user-friendly solution for SMEs to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.  If you're looking for a way to centralize your business processes and  take your SME to the next level, Xentral is definitely worth considering. With Deepware as your official Xentral partner, you can ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing optimization for your e-commerce business.